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I want to transfer my saved files to the IDeaS section. What should I do?
To be able to do this action, just follow these instructions:

  • Using the Wordpad or Notepad program, open No$GBA.ini which you can find inside your No$GBA folder.
  • Find the line that states “SAV/SNA File Format”. Once you find this, change the term Compressed/Uncompressed to Raw. Afterwards, save the changes that you have input.
  • Play the game and save your file. You can do this if you open another game or you reload your recent game.
  • Copy/paste your saved file to IDeaS that can be found in your Battery folder.
  • Play the game under IDeaS.
  • Go to Options and select Save Type. Afterwards, select the appropriate savetype for your game then press Start Emulation.

No$GBA Transfer Save Data : No$GBA transfer .sav files to iDeaS DeSmuME WinDS PRO

no$gba transfer save gameIf the abovementioned steps do not work out well for you, then you can try the following alternative steps:

  • Follow the first three steps that are mentioned in the above instructions.
  • Convert the No$GBA that you can take from some websites.
  • Play the game under IDeaS without pressing the Start Emulation button yet.
  • Go to the Save Type menu under the Options menu. Once there, select the Import Save option and input the format that you used in converting)
  • Press the button for Start Emulation


Where will I be able to find my saved games?

Your saved files are just available in the Battery folder under your No$GBA folder. The backup files for your games can be found in another folder within the same No$GBA folder.



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