No$GBA Save Game files how to save my game in nds emulator

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I cannot save my game in No$GBA. What could be the problem and how can I solve it?
You would be able to save your games just like what you do in your DS games if you finally input the correct savetype setup under the NDS Backup Media Option under the Emulation Setup of the Options category.

No$GBA Save Games : No$GBA Save My Game

no$gba save gameThere are times that even if you have used an incorrect savetype, the game can still load properly. But on the downside of this event, however, is that you would not still be able to save your game. Worse, your save file may even be corrupted. You also need to restart your system once you have input a different savetype setup since the changes will only occur after the system has been rebooted.

Also, after downloading the No$GBA emulator file, make sure that you extract it on a new folder apart from its original archive folder. This is because archive folders only run temporarily. Once you restart your game, all the files that you already saved will be deleted and would not be recovered anymore.
If the abovementioned strategies do not work and you cannot save your game still, it would be better if you shorten the game name. This would mean that you should remove strange characters like spaces and dashes.

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