No$GBA Emulator FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - ANSWERED


Additionally, here are more of questions that are frequently asked by gamers regarding their No$GBA Emulator:

inNo$GBA  Emulator - is it possible to insert and link a my GBA games to DS games to obtain special items? If yes, how can this be done?

Unfortunately, this feature is also unavailable. The use of third party applications like CodeBreaker or Action Replay would be useful to acquire special items. Additionally, there is also no DS emulator that can make this action possible.
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How can I use the No$GBA WiFi option? Would I be able to use the Picto Chart feature? How can I have the Insert-Item feature for my emulation? Is Pokemon Palpark available in No$GBA?

no$gba faq Unfortunately, these features are not yet available for the emulation. Together with DS Games Link feature, Wireless option, DS multiplayer, and Trading characteristic between the Diamond and Pearl versions, all these features are not available for practical purposes. It has been explained by the developer himself that these features are not possible for the emulator because the basic WiFi emulation is not functioning.

If you would still want a special item that is only available if you have a WiFi access, then you can just attain it through a code breaker. Example for this is the application called Action Replay or CodeBreaker. As for the case of the game Pokemon, you just have to use PokeSav. Other than these, there are no other ways that you can use the WiFi emulation feature.

I cannot load my games and a note saying “Unable to read card” is flashing on the No$GBA screen. What should I do with this matter? Also, I cannot save my games and there are strange Japanese/Chinese words that flash my screen when I try to access my DS games. What should be done with this No$GBA emulator?

Basically, the entire question revolves around the concern regarding the savetype of the game. To be able to correct this, you just have to set the correct savetype so that errors will stop affecting your games. All you have to do is set the savetype manually on the NDS Backup Media category which can be found under the Emulation Setup of the Options menu. To have an idea what savetype is the appropriate one, just check out some websites like AdvanScene. The information that you get from such sources should be divided by 8. The result that you will get will be the savetype setting that you will use. Lastly, every time that you make a change to your savetype setup, you have to reboot your system so that the changes can take place. Be careful in choosing the savetype since there are some instances that incorrect input of savetype will result to the lost of information and saved files. When this happens, it will just mean that you will be starting all over with your game.

I want to change the appearance of my screen before I load a game. How can I do this? How can I save the settings that I just made to the screen before I load the game?

Unfortunately, you cannot make such changes if you already have used the firmware for quite some time already. If you want to make the necessary changes, you should do it to the firmware before you even use it on your emulator. Additionally, such changes are only possible with the original DS firmware. Custom firmwares would not be able to cater certain changes though.

I think my No$GBA emulator bugged down my entire PC. What can I do about this?

If your PC suddenly froze or restarted while loading your No$GBA emulator, it is not the fault of the emulator itself. The problem can either be on the hardware or the software of your PC that has been affected while using the emulator. Usually, the reason of this problem is that your PC is not strong or fast enough to support the No$GBA system.
If this is not the condition for your PC, then you better check if your unit is already overheated or some drivers are already out of date. If one of these is the problem, then it would be your obligation to look for a solution to these conditions. After all, solving either of these problems can easily be done.

My DS rom game loads in another language apart from English. How can I change it to English?

In this case, the problem starts from the firmware used. Before you have dumped the firmware, you should have set it first according to your preferred language. If you want to change it now, try doing it on your DS before dumping it again on your No$GBA directory.

My No$GBA emulator does not have snapshots/save states. What could be the reason for this?

Do not worry since this feature is not available for all No$GBA emulator versions. This is presently available in the GBA version only.


Nintendo DS / GBA emulation basics:

1. First of all we need the emulator. You can download them here.
The most successful emulator is No$GBA, the least successful, but actively developing - iDeaS.

2. If a very small window appears at the start of No$GBA, there is NO$Zoomer (advised), MyZoom and NDS2xGL2 for this, which can be downloaded here. However, these programs significantly reduce the speed of emulation. There is also a second way to solve the problem with a small window:

Right-click on the No$GBA icon and select Properties. Then go to the Compatibility tab and check the screen resolution of 640x480.
As a result of the done operations, when the emulator starts, the desktop automatically goes to the specified resolution, which makes the emulator window larger. Due to changes in the resolution, the labels on the desktop may change spontaneously. To restore the position of the shortcuts to the original position, you can use programs like Iconoid.

3. If you try to start the game, you get the message: "Could not read the data." Turn off the power and reinsert DS card. ", Then the wrong type of saving was selected. Proceed as follows:

In No$GBA:
Press F11, in the NDS-Cartridge Backup Media field, select the save type - Auto (this function is only available in the latest versions of the emulator, then restart the game.) However, if the game still does not start, try to represent other types of saving and every time restart the game.

In iDeaS:
Similar to the above, try to imagine the type Auto first in the Options -> Save Type menu. After that, restart the game. However, if the game still does not start, try to represent other types of save and every time restart the game.

4. Fast save only works for GBA games, otherwise the emulator may close with an error.

5. If in No$GBA, unlike iDeaS, the screen is too faded, then to solve this problem, press F11 and in the GBA Mode field select VGA (poppy bright).

6. If some of the declarations in the game are not displayed, there may be a problem in the renderer type. To solve this problem, press F11 and in the 3D Renderer field, instead of OpenGL, put nocash. If the problem can not be fixed, then the problem is in the emulator itself.

7. If the game asks "to lay down the console," turn off and deploy the emulator.

8. If you need the ability to blow or speak into the microphone while playing, but nothing happens. First you need to check the settings of the microphone itself. Open the volume setting, options -> properties, in the appeared window select the record and press ok. Next, select the options -> additional and at the volume of the microphone, press the button to configure. You should also check that the tick "select" was active.

9. If there is a slowdown of most games, then you have a weak processor. Changing the settings can hardly achieve a significant increase in speed. However, you can experiment with the setting of Emulation Speed, LCD Refresh in No$GBA.

10. If some game does not start, then most likely you will not be able to play it. The reason for this is the low level of emulation of this portable.


One of the best Nintendo DS emulators is No$GBA 2.6a. Approximately 450 Romas run about 300. It works quite stable, music and sound practically do not lag behind, braking is possible only in some videos.

The second place is occupied by the iDeas emulator, in spite of the lack of the ability to play with music, as there are no sounds. He starts a large number of Roma, but due to strong braking, only half of them managed to play.

The last place is occupied by the DeSmuME emulator, which showed the worst results. However, unlike iDeas, in some Roms you can play without problems and long settings, even with sound. Does not require a long setup.

Download and read all emulators here.


However, the project No$GBA does not develop for a long time, while DeSmuME is updated almost daily. At the moment, the DeSmuME emulator has better compatibility, compared to No$GBA. Perhaps, in a short time, it will be possible to put it on the first place after the emulation of Nintendo DS.

You can play using keyboard and mouse for the touch controls or setup and use any windows compatible gamepad.


Did you know that in the Emulation Setup it is possible to set the Solar Sensor Lever for the games that use it.


There are no NDS ROMs on but it is easy to find nds game downloads using Google or torrent search.