No$GBA Multiplayer WiFi GBA and DS Multiplayer Game Linking in Emulator

No$GBA Multiplayer

I want to have a multiplayer game through my emulator. How can I make this possible?
As of the moment, this feature is not yet available. The Wifi feature of the emulator is not advanced enough to cater to multiple players. Not until certain revisions or improvements can be done on the Wifi Emulation, this certain characteristic would not be available before that.

NoGBA WiFi Multiplayer Support

No$GBA emulator WiFi support is not implemented for DS roms so No$GBA emulator will not make a connection like WiFi DS. No instructions on how to connect to WiFi with No$GBA at this time. No$GBA WiFi setup or WiFi plug-in for NoGBA emulator on Windows Vista and Windows 7. no$gba multiplayer wifi nogba

No$gba emulator is unique in its kind. Everything in it is amazing:
- it is the smallest
- it's the smartest (works even on the old 386SX processors).
- it was originally conceived as a debugger (we'll look into the tinctures for the sake of interest)
- it has excellent compatibility
- it's easy to configure
- it's the only GBA emulator with NDS emulation :)
- and finally, no$gba is the only one who can emulate the linking of several Gameboys at once, connecting them to the network!

No$gba also has its drawbacks - the lack of a screen magnification mode (has been fixed in the version 2.9 +). How to fix it - read below.
Starting with version 2.6a, the emulator becomes symbolically paid. We can still download Nasharu.

No$GBA 2.6a (Windows)
No$GBA 2.6 (DOS)

I put him to the top ten, we shake and evaluate everything.

Front-line (choose any to your taste):
NO $ Zoomer in conjunction with No$GBA show the best results, has a bunch of useful settings and video filters. Highly recommend. [Inoom]

myZoom v1.8.36 is a very useful frontend for No$GBA. Allows you to freely play with windows - switch to full-screen mode, select 1 or 2-window mode, and use graphics filters. Screen rotation, support for skins and archives, pause, reset, and much more. Highly recommend.

nds2xgl v2.7 is a great addition to the No$GBA emulator. Eliminates all the bottlenecks in the emulator (the size and rotation of the screen, video filters, the format of the saved files, and, perhaps, something else, I did not penetrate). Unpack the folder with the emulator and run.

You can play using keyboard and mouse for the touch controls or setup and use any windows compatible gamepad.


Did you know that in the Emulation Setup it is possible to set the Solar Sensor Lever for the games that use it.


There are no NDS ROMs on but it is easy to find nds game downloads using Google or torrent search.