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You can always check out some information list or threads to compare your status and compatibility of your emulator to the games and device itself.

My No$GBA emulator is running slowly. How can I speed it up?
If your emulator is working slow, here are the steps that you should follow:
  1. For the speed: Click on the Options menu. Choose the set-up for Emulation Speed and select the option Unlimited MHz, Disaster 10%.
  2. For the sound: Click on the Options menu. Choose the set-up for Sound Output then Digital Mono.
  3. In the same tab as the previous step, go to the Sound menu, go to the Desired Rate menu, and select Low (10 kHz)Fast.
  4. In the same tab, select the option Multiboot Normal/Burst Delays.

This is the best way to speed your emulator just the way you would want it to be.

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I just realized lately that my emulator does not save my games.
What should I do?

There are many types of chips that are being used to save a file for the DS. However, the manufacturers have not come up with an autodetect set-up that can immediately set your savetype based on your game. To be able to save your games, you need to manually select the savetype that you would be using.

The first thing that you should do is to go to the Option menu and select the NDS Backup Media option. From there, you can choose among the types of savetype that you can use. Typically, it is the EEPROM 64k that is used by most games that are available today. However, there are still other games that use the Flash 256k like most Nintendo games and RPG. Still, there are few that use Flash 512k like Pokemon. The use of the savetype FRAM will just corrupt your files since there are really no games that use this. But for more information, you can always check out some forums and threads to serve as a guide as to which savetype would be appropriate for a certain game.

In general, it is always recommended that you reboot your DS every time you make a certain change in your savetype. When selecting the savetype to be used and you are not certain which type is appropriate, just use any type starting with EEPROM 64k. If this does not work, you can try Flash 256k or Flash 512k one after the other. You can also use FRAM if the first three savetypes do not work still.

No$GBA - a good emulator GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS files for PC.

Greetings to all gamers on planet Earth! =) As you probably noticed, lately I've already touched on the topic of games for game console GameBoy Advance and NDS several times. For this reason, I decided that it would be superfluous to talk about a good emulator of this console. Traditionally, I'm searching for emulators on the site bit16. If only it's not emulators for the PSP. The latter is better to search on specialized PSP sites - there are always the latest versions. But today I will tell you about the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld emulator.

At first I downloaded VisualBoyAdvance-M Build 925 emulator, because on review sites the line with its name put an "asterisk" - like they recommend it. But for some reason this emulator did not work for me normally. When you run the VBA exe file gave an error. But I was not upset and downloaded another emulator. No$GBA 2.6 (it's a name, it's a symbol, is not it?) - and that one worked for me normally. To that I say hooray as I am glad! And today I will tell you how to work with the GameBoy Advance computer emulator - No$GBA 2.6. In fact, it's easy. But it is not enough - suddenly someone could have difficulties. Especially the program is not Russified. So, let's begin.

In order to play games from GBA on the computer, you need three things:

1. A PC computer. Working and connected to the network. CPU Power does not play a special role, because games for the GBA and NDS are not demanding. Even Celeron or the first Pentium will do. The operating system is Windows. Yes, I did not find an emulator for Linux or Mac (to be honest - I was not looking :) .
2. Emulator No$GBA 2.6, which you can download here!
3. GBA and NDS ROMS / backup copies of games from GameBoy Advance and Nntendo DS, which can be downloaded ... see page "List of games."
4. Sure! Do not need anything else.

After the download, unpack the archive with the emulator and find in the folder with it the file No$GBA.EXE
Now the emulator needs to be started. A new window will open with the inscription "Insert cartridge ..." (guys with humor, it's fresh!) - in which you need to choose the rom image of the game you want to play.

Choose a game rom.

Pick the easiest way with a mouse. Then either display a double click on the desired file, or a single click on the "Open" button.
All! You can play.
Now let's talk about the main menu items of the emulator.


Cartridge menu (F12) - Used to switch between games
Reset cartridge (Num- *) - type, we rebooted the console
Load snapshot - download save game
Save snapshot - save the game. Well, I mean analog "Save game" - not to start every time anew.
Load e-Reader dotcode - I do not know why you need it. I've never used anything, and I do not care about anything.
Exit - close the application.


"Upload to GBA or NDS", "Remote access ...", "Cheats", "Errors", "Screenshot". The first two teams - perhaps, will be useful to GBA owners. To download games to the flash card prefix. I do not have Gameboy, so I did not understand them. "Cheats" and "Errors" to me also did not come in handy. And the fact that the screenshots are done with the button Print Screen, I think, and so they know if not all, then many.


Emulation setup (F11) - emulation settings. You can change the resolution, audio codecs and much more. If you do not understand this, it's better not to touch it.
Controls Setup (F11) - control settings. But this is definitely worth "touching". Configure which keyboard keys will match the buttons of the emulated prefix.


Reference. In English. If you understand well in this language, you can dress. But it seems to me, this is superfluous. It's easier to get to everything yourself.

You can play using keyboard and mouse for the touch controls or setup and use any windows compatible gamepad.


Did you know that in the Emulation Setup it is possible to set the Solar Sensor Lever for the games that use it.


There are no NDS ROMs on but it is easy to find nds game downloads using Google or torrent search.